My Life in Lettings - With Paul Sloan (Let's Talk Lets)

Episode 3 May 07, 2024 00:37:40
My Life in Lettings - With Paul Sloan (Let's Talk Lets)
Let's Talk Lets
My Life in Lettings - With Paul Sloan (Let's Talk Lets)

May 07 2024 | 00:37:40


Hosted By

Heidi Shackell

Show Notes

This week we have the latest edition of out mini-series My Life in Lettings with Paul Sloan!

From 1998 to now, Paul walks us through his career including all the highs and lows. Heidi and Paul also discuss the importance of people in every business and some interesting interview methods! 

Make sure to listen to the end of the episode as Paul tells a story of a very unfortunate first day on the job for one of his team! 

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